Fall: My favorite transitional season

Spring and fall, two great seasons of transition. Nothing ever stays the same for very long (unlike the unbearable heat of summer or unending chill of winter here in Minnesota…) After a quiet summer, things are moving quickly here with some new stories and a new direction for my writing…

In Scorn of Eyes

First is a story I placed in a magazine I’ve admired since getting back into writing, Typehouse Magazine. The story, “In Scorn of Eyes”, is a sort of patchwork containing an idea I wrote in college. Back then I stole a bit from William Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury”, starting with the Shakespearean title and the narrator’s unreliability. After noticing how unpublishable it was due to my surprising inability to write like Faulkner, I put it through a rework and landed it in this pretty cool lit mag. You can download it on the site, or throw some bucks their way for a hard copy to treasure my words for all time!

Incident on a Hillside

The other is a story I failed to land in an anthology for lost films. Luckily The Writer’s Co-Op put out a safety net for me and included my story, “Incident on a Hillside” in their first-ever anthology of weird stories, “The Rabbit Hole”. Order the ebook or hard copy at your bookseller of choice, which is probably still Amazon these days. Right? Yeah, thought so.

Of course I’ve always got a few more stories hanging out in various stages of submission/rejection. However, beginning January 2019 I’m excited to start my next class with Richard Thomas, writing a novel in one year. It’s not my first crack at a novel, but I’ll say it’s probably my first honest attempt at one, now that I’ve gone through a bit of a boot camp the last year. Hit a few goals, still closing in on a few others, and will likely fall short of some, but that’s what it’s all about. Other than doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around.

Have you heard of STORGY’s newest anthology, Shallow Creek? Ooh, good, because I’ve got a story included there too. It’s not out yet, but I hear the book’s curator, Colt Mallum, has some exciting things in store for this shared universe of spooky stories. I’ll be looking forward to sharing the invite into his creepy little town when he gives me the okay. Stay tuned!

Shallow Creek

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