Make plans to visit Shallow Creek.

shallow creek

Shallow Creek is the latest anthology of stories from STORGY, as part of their annual tradition of running a short story contest. All 21 stories in Shallow Creek are tied thinly together, featuring characters, locations, and items that run as a thread throughout the entire book.

Other authors include Aliya Whitely, Sarah Lotz, and Richard Thomas. I’m lucky enough to be a finalist again, this time with my story, “The Soil of Stonier Hearts”, featuring St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery groundskeeper Jed Sherman and his graveyard of souls not ready to rest in peace…

Last year, STORGY’s first themed competition, the dystopian Exit Earth, included my first accepted story, “Crow Rides a Pale Horse”.

You can get Shallow Creek on Kindle in the US and the UK, or you can order directly from STORGY and get a one-of-a-kind package of goodies. It may be the closest thing to ordering a rare artifact from parts unknown…

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