1. Read more Women authors writing about Women.

Reading how women write about women is a long delayed opportunity to see other perspectives, learn better writing, and read some amazing new-to-me stories along the way. I’ve had female leads before, but they’ve been put into simple templates. I know there’s a more valuable perspective I’m missing out on by not tracking down stories of women written by those who’ve lived their experiences. Knowing how to write convincing characters of all genders types, orientations, backgrounds can only offer more fertile ground for story-making!

2. Chuck more & Check out more.

It’s time to send off my old books to loving, new homes and NOT replace them with twice as many. If my library card’s not ravaged by this time next year, I didn’t do it right.

EDIT: Just found out this was a controversial deal. Giving up books? I should only have 30 left? (On my nightstand, right?) I was actually swayed by the concept of minimalism/anti-consumerism some time ago, I love the feeling of offloading items not immediately necessary to me. More on this in goal 3…

3. Social Media

Gonna write more blogs. Gonna post more on Twitter. Maybe even set up an Author Facebook and try to get more than just my Aunts to like it. Been thinking of what to blog about between story publications. Might go into some habits, philosophies (like the aforementioned minimalist lifestyle), and anything else that sounds like a good read while on the bus or toilet.

4. Online & print journals

Buying more/supporting more journals (electronically), some print ones on the rare occasion. Saw some writers declare the goal to support/purchase 1 independent lit mag each month. I like this idea!

5. Finish the novel

Editor & Author Richard Thomas has opened up his Novel in a Year class, which I’m exploiting so I get that accountability I’ve always lacked to go the distance, along with insight from some writers with all kinds of great & diverse perspectives.

I’ve got all sorts of other mini-goals, ones I hope to accomplish before the end of 2019 gazes down upon me like an upset parent (not mad, just disappointed!) Need to get into a pro or semi-pro pay market, for one, and also start nailing the flash fiction down. There’s a few authors I have my eye on and hope to steal some tips & tricks from.

That’s 2019!