• Every story I write is an autobiography. Yet the closest I’ve ever come to “based on true events” is my story “Monster from Long Ago”, featured in Volume II of the gothic-literary Déraciné magazine.
  • A place popped up called “Cedarwood Hideaway” in a wooded area about 5 miles north of town. I looked at it on the map and thought it was a mistake. There was nothing but this tiny hut, surrounded by acres of trees.
  • As someone who enjoys writing horror most of all, I’ve always wanted to write a story inspired by the painting, “The Nightmare”, by Henry Fuseli.
  • By the end of July this year, my book was becoming a monster. Not in size, but in how much it was haunting me, stalking me, consuming me.
  • Setting the story in the middle of the 20th century gave me an opportunity to explore that time period’s dynamics between the sexes in a way I hadn’t before.