2018 (and earlier)

Wracked, East of Salem“To Eat the Fire” & “Wracked, East of Salem”

Featured in Weird Mask

“How could I have prepared myself for what I’d seen then? Dead fish, by the dozens, hung from the ceiling, swaying with the ship’s unrest. Their bellies had been sliced from gill to tail and small balls of potpourri were tied beneath them. In the beam of my flashlight, I saw the sunken eyes of each fish staring back at me.”


Incident on a Hillside“Incident on a Hillside”

Featured in The Rabbit Hole

“The visitor pinched the clasps between his fat fingers and the top to his briefcase sprang open. What had likely been expected—a beam of light, or an unearthly winged creature from hell—did not appear. Instead, all the family saw was an unlabeled video cassette.”



In Scorn of Eyes“In Scorn of Eyes”

Featured in Typehouse Magazine

“There never came a moment where Eddie felt like he’d passed over. He expected a pinpoint of light. A fade to nothing. A darkness blacker than black. The only change came when the lake’s bottom turned from a murky silt to a thousand glittering jewels.”



Monster from Long Ago “Monster from Long Ago”

Featured in Déraciné Magazine

“Throughout our lives you’ve taken on many forms, beginning with that muggy summer night when you arrived as a haze of buzzing mosquitoes.”




Featured in Chantwood Magazine

“Nell spoke from a place Polly couldn’t hear, her face pointed down and away, studying a spread-open page. When Polly asked her to repeat it, she turned and said with a fierce clarity, “You can’t take these with you. They belong to the barn.””



Crow Rides a Pale Horse“Crow Rides a Pale Horse”

Featured in the STORGY: Exit Earth anthology

“When the murder returned last winter, they found only cockroaches and us. Those thousands of crows hovered like a cloud of gnats in the always-night, sometimes circling around each other, sometimes suspended in place, and always looking down at what we did to the earth.”


Featured in Horror Bites Magazine Issue #2

“She saw Chompy then, leaning into that crease of cobalt blue light coming in through the crack in the doorway. He’d lifted his head and one of his button eyes was focused directly upon her. His mouth was slack and his bony teeth poked out of the shadows on his face.”